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Fantasy Listing

This list is dedicated for fantasy clubs. This list has been brought to you by #clubdirectory. Please support us by displaying our icon on your profile.

How can I list my group or club ?

Simply comment below with the following information. Please note that you need to keep the presented structure to succesfully list your group or club :

group name : :dev : :icon :
Theme :
Type of Work :
Main Language :

for Example :

group name : #PhotographersWorld :iconphotographersworld:
Theme : General Photography
Type of Work : All types of photography
Main Language : English

Can I just comment normally ?

No, the whole point of this is that you register your group by yourself. You won't have to wait for replies and it's quick and effective.

What if I don't do it according to the layout ?

Then your comment will be hidden and you'll be asked to redo it.

What do I do now ?

You browse through the comments and find clubs and groups you can join ! it's fast, easy and effective :heart:

Caution :

please do not post regular comments, spam or insults. Failure to comply might ban you or expelled.

TeknicolorTiger Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Group Name: #Silver-and-Bone :iconsilver-and-bone:
Theme: RP/OC/Fantasy/Special Interest
Type of Work: Create a character according to our guidelines and complete art or written challenges in order to gain new abilities and forms for them.
Main Language: English
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January 28, 2012
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